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Up to date and convenient access to court and traffic records, emailed daily. Essential for attorney marketing.

Up to date records sent out daily.

Records are emailed daily with leads to potential clients. All information is up to date to the hour and arranged for easy access. Names and addresses are formatted and ready for mailing use.

Choose which records to receive.

Receive cutomized results that cater to your needs. Narrow your results to save time and effort. Look up specific statues.

Choose which counties to cover.

New counties are always being added. Just pick which ones you would like to cover. Prices for counties depend on the county size. You can also choose an unlimited county plan.

  • We currently provide the following services.

    • Court records for specific counties are emailed daily in a file format of your choosing. Results can be separated by statute or other parameters. These are great leads for attorney marketing.

    • Records include felony and misdemeanor arrest records. Traffic and parking tickets. Foreclosures, tenant evictions and other civil cases.

    • Names and addresses are formatted for mailing use, ready to print for postage.
    • Click here to find out which counties are currently covered.

    • We provide a mailing service. We will mail out your approved mailer to potential clients using Case Finder results. Mail is sent out locally every day with up to date information, allowing your literature to reach potential clients first.
    • These services are only for licensed attorneys.